Websites Built for All Devices

  • Around 50% of all website users visit your site on mobile devices
  • Consumers will leave sites that are not mobile friendly and find a site that works properly on their phone

Clarity in Web Design

We help you find solutions to the questions website visitors have when they visit your site.  We do not build cookie cutter template sites.

When we work with you, we find What is Missing, What is Broken and What is Confusing and we solve those issues for you first.

After we answer these questions, we watch the site analytics to ensure that your visitors are interacting with your page as planned.

Site Transformations


Do you love before and after pictures?  Take a quick look at a few sites that are live. 

Note:  To view before and after images, move you mouse over the image

With the new site design we created a mobile friendly site that works on all screen sizes.  We cleaned up the site navigation and added images of the building and team.  We also added better contact numbers and forms to the site for easy customer communication.

With the new site design we updated the site structure to create a mobile friendly experience.  We added new site navigation to allow users to find the services and better service descriptions.  We helped refresh the price lists and ordering process for new customers.

With the new site design, we cleared up the site navigation to offer more menu options to website visitors.  Since the brand offers multiple services, we segmented the pages to provide better direction to the website visitors.  This has increased site conversions and inquires.  We removed all clip art and used only images of real kids that are or have been a part of the program.

With the new site design, we branded the site with the colors and fonts that matched the brand and the owners personality.  We added more options on the home page to guide visitors through the product line and offered an easier path to find product options.  We added all new product images, product branding and custom order messaging as part of the design.

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